Hillsville Fire Department Remembers

The Hillsville Fire Department recently unveiled new equipment to the townspeople, courtesy of a generous donation from the family of a long-time firefighter who recently died.

“We’re grateful that, even after he died, he was able to help us out,” says HFD Captain Calvin Turner. “When we had this new engine built last year, we thought we were going to have to take up a jar or something around town. But I guess Mr Adams’ family wanted his memory to live on.”

The ladder truck and brush truck were both given a fresh coat of paint with the Adams Family Foundation’s logo at the bottom of each side – a muddy boot print – as well as an updated version of their emblem – crossed axes over the outline of the state with “HILLSVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT” at the top.

The Adams Family Foundation was established in memory of Joseph Adams, who served on the department for over 30 years without ever missing a call. He died two years ago this weekend while responding to an alarm at his own home when it caught fire, but not before helping many people out of their own burning homes.

“Joey always had time for everyone,” said Turner. “Even after he retired, if you went by his house and told him there was a call down at First & Main, he’d be on his way instead of sitting around watching TV.”

Now that the new trucks are ready to go, Captain Turner says they’re itching to get back to work, even if it is the middle of the night. “We’ve got a few calls already this week,” says Turner, who was too busy eating bacon & eggs at his favorite diner to name names.

“Oh I know all about them,” he said when asked for comment. “We’re a small town. We all know what’s going on.”

The department recently hosted the first annual Hillsville Firefighters’ Cookout & Car Wash to raise money for new equipment, and also held a raffle at the county fair last weekend where the grand prize was a year’s supply of beef from Dewitt’s Butcher Shop. All proceeds from both events went toward the Adams Family Foundation as well.

“It takes over $500 just to gas up our ladder truck,” said Turner, “and we’ve got two other vehicles besides that one that aren’t anything fancy, so it can get pretty pricey.”

Turner says that although they don’t receive many donations, he appreciates those who make an effort to help out. “Even if it’s just something small like buying a car wash or raffle ticket, anything helps.”

The fire department has also recently purchased their own Facebook page, which they’ll use to help keep the public informed of any new developments. Until then, Turner says that if anyone wants to contact them about donating or purchasing supplies for the department, all they have to do is show up at their station in person during business hours.

“We’re here every day from 6 AM ’til 10 PM,” he said when asked how someone can be sure not to miss him. “Hell, I’m still pretty full from breakfast, so you might even catch me taking my lunch break at Second & Main.”