The Hillsville Fire Department (HFD) sent two fire and rescue vehicles and twelve firefighters and paramedics to the scene of a house fire on East Main Street Saturday afternoon.

The first HFD responders arrived within four minutes of receiving the call, but were unable to save the house or its occupants. The only survivor was a boy who had been playing in his yard with his dog when he saw smoke coming from next door. “I ran over there as fast as I could, but they didn’t make it out,” he told reporters at the scene through tears.

“My mother was cooking her famous green bean casserole for Thanksgiving dinner later that afternoon.”

Hillsville Police officers are still investigating whether charges can be brought against the mother.

Title: “Woman charged in fire that killed husband, 2 kids”

By Joe Killian of the Montgomery County Post

Published December 8th, 2011

Hillsville police have made an arrest in Saturday’s fatal house fire on East Main Street.

The defendant has been identified as 29 year-old Lila Compton female from Hillsville.

She is currently being held at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail without bond, and her arraignment will be scheduled within the next two weeks.  They indicted the woman for three counts of first degree murder after deliberation, one count of arson involving personal injury, and four counts of felony child neglect. She is suspected to suffer from Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MBP), in which parents (usually mothers) inflict harm on their children in order to gain attention.

According to the press release, the suspect called 911 around 3:30 Saturday afternoon claiming that her house was burning down.  In addition to her husband and two children, suspect’s mother-in-law had been living with them since she suffered a recent stroke.  However, investigators found evidence of accelerants at the scene and believe the fire was not accidental. In addition, they suspect that she had been poisoning her 11 month old daughter for several weeks before the fire – possibly as long as a year – in an attempt to garner sympathy from others about how hard it is being a young parent.